Friday, February 10, 2012

Guest Blogger :: Style of Iris

Hello Work Your Closet readers! 

I am truly excited and honored to guest post on one of my favorite fashion blogs! I absolutely love the fashion inspiration posts on Work Your Closet so I was more than thrilled to get to show my own spin. 
Plus, it was the perfect time to get out of my fashion slump.

Ever look at your outfit and think there is something missing? Do you look at your closet and go, “ugh, I have nothing to wear.” 
Lately, I’ve had that feeling more than usual so I was excited at the opportunity to search for a fashion inspiration photo that would motivate me to view my closet items in a new and interesting way. 
My goal was to find an outfit that reflected my style but also included pieces that I ALREADY had in my closet. Quite a challenge!

But alas, I found the girly and feminine Taylor Swift rockin’ an ensemble with pieces that were very familiar to me. Instantly I knew this was the outfit! I was quickly re-inspired and energized about my once dull closet. 
I rushed to the closet, swung (and almost broke) the door open, and looked around my clothes like a bee in a new flower patch. It was an exhilarating feeling! Of course I had to add my own twist to Taylor’s outfit. 
A little ruffle here, a little shorter there, and voila – all Iris!  I didn’t even know this outfit was hiding away. 

Turns out my little closet had potential after all! 


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What I’m Rockin:
Skirt: Forever21
Shirt: H&M
Pumps: Target


  1. Very cute & girly look - love it! :)

  2. Very cute! I love the ruffles on the skirt, makes it so much more feminine. I've been trying to find inspiration photos on Pinterest as well! This is inspiring :)


  3. What a cute outfit! And also, you have gorgeous legs!

    I'll check your blog out

  4. Love your inspiration and that skirt looks amazing you - I echo the commenter above me, your legs are killer!