Thursday, December 10, 2015

Double Check

I learned a lesson this past week...
That these super cute lace up shoes hanging all by themselves in the sale section at Gap really wasn't a "mean't to be moment."
The hanger said 10 and I snagged them up SO quick that I think I almost pulled a muscle. Okay, not really.

However, I get home slipped one on and well, it was pretty snug. And then I checked... size 9!? Nooooo. 
They are "leather" so they will stretch, right? Wrong. So wrong.
My poor feet took a beating that day since my mental state was all about powering through.

So I caved and returned them. I HAD to. I couldn't even look at those things any more.
Luckily though, I made out with a new pair of jeans and stripe long sleeve. No shoes.

But yeah, double check the sizes people. Hangers lie.


  1. that stinks the shoe didn't work out. Have a great weekend

  2. Never bought something from a store without checking the size or putting them on to check how I look with them. So never had a similar problem.