Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Motherly Musings

To find yourself just staring at your kid and thinking, I made you. 
To want to catch, brace and limit any falls, scrapped knees and/or bruise heads. But deep down you know you can't. 
To think your kid is smarter than you most days. He knows sign language and well, you don't. 
Dancing non-stop holding your 25+ lb little in the living room is totally a work out. 
To actually like Sherrif Callie and Doc McStuffins #homegirls 
To have the truck, police siren and dinosaur sound down. 
Before he takes a bite, you do. Because those kid fruit snacks are SO good. 
The thought of saying "13 months" is worse than saying a year.
To find yourself pointing out a bike or a puppy to the adults you're with. 
To see your little in pure joy and actually feel it. 


  1. It's an incredible love when you cant experience until you have your own I was blessed with two of you����

  2. lovely post