Thursday, May 26, 2016

Life Lately

| park and truck days |

| he DID it! #proudmama |

| still loving my ANNIE's homemade treats. I pick the giveaway winner tomorrow! Enter here. |

| two musical peas in a pod |

| white overalls on repeat. especially with this Lilla P tank :) |

| you don't know how happy this makes me. i LOVE to color. |

| one day kid... maybe your dad will give it to ya. |

| homeowner baskets are my favorite |

| think big. dream big. do big - pajamas Old Navy |

| sweet little friends - happy birthday, elle! |

| a look into my future? tat, crazy hair and drinkin' weird stuff? ;) |

| happy RED NOSE day - let's all do something to end child poverty |


  1. that homeowner basket is adorable! you should do a post telling us what all is inside :)

  2. This is super sweet! :)

    I know that park! I played there when I was a teenager with my first love, I took both my daughters to play there and now my grandson. Used to live a few streets away.