Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Beauty Secrets with Sally Beauty

I'm seriously the KISS type.
Keep it simple stupid. 

My beauty and make-up routines are quick and I would like to think efficient.
Being a mom and all, I need to take care of myself but not take forever doing it.

And with the latest summer promos at Sally Beauty  I stocked up on some amazing things and thought I'd share my top 5 summer beauty secrets.

1. Facial Masks - simple, quick (15-20 mins max) and efficient. My face feels refreshed, revitalized and more firm after a single use! I might scare my husband right before bed but it's only temporary ;)

2. Summer in a bottle - not only does it smell like summer, but it protects your hair from the summer elements like salt, chlorine, sun etc. win win in my book.

3. Anything coconut - it's actually a borderline obsession. I'm a sucker for anything coconut, but this split end mender might be my favorite pick out of the bunch. Smells amazing and also tames fly-aways. 

4. Beach babe in a can - because we all want tussled waves without doing much. Just like a hot beach bod? Am I right? Well, at least we can have one of those things?! ;) [ I typically let my hair air dry the night before and then I'll spray some of this in the AM and that's it! ]

5. Fingertip Party - definitely my favorite beauty routine... taking care of my nails. I love a good neutral color (OPI Double Scoop) but with all this fun nail art (Olive & June inspo!) I had to get these adorable nail decals. I also pick my cuticles (terrible habit) so I snatched up this cuticle conditioning stick which is awesome. 


  1. Super cute nails.


  2. Thank you for sharing your super secret weapons! Nice nails!

  3. Oh yes, the coconut obsession is a real thing! Love all of your picks!

  4. Those nail decals are ADORABLE! They look hand-painted!!