Monday, October 24, 2016


Sometimes I buy shirt's FOR my husband, that I know I might want to borrow from time to time. 
Partly because they're cool, but also because I like having him close. 

It's personal. And after coming off a high from his birthday, it's just proof that I can never get enough. I'm lucky that he doesn't care that much, but that's also because I do the laundry :) 

But let me tell you about these JEANS - they are designed in New York but made in LA and they are a dream. The fit in all the right places, give in all the right places, are the coolest shade of indigo and also represent this little blog of mine #workyourcloset is stamped on the back.

How cool is that!? 

I love their mission, their designs and the people over at Industry Standard. Yeah, I'm drinking the kool-aid but I don't care. 

It's personal. 

Code expires: 10/30


  1. So going to have to check out this company.