Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Guest Blogger: The Boho Veggie

Liv, from The Boho Veggie, is a local Winter Park blogger who just recently picked up the whole blogging thing. 

She's dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still staying true to who she is. 
She's a sun worshiper, acai bowl eater and as much as she might not say it - her style is boho perfection. 

Take a look at her blog - and get inspired to buy more succulents, head to the beach and eat a whole lotta fruit. 

 "As much as I would love to wear boyfriend jeans for every occasion.. I enjoy changing it up! I have gravitated towards comfy rompers. Billabong makes the one I am wearing. I love that I can dress it up with a cardigan and booties, or wear it as a cover up heading out to the beach! I love feeling girly while sticking with my boho style and feeling comfortable!" - Liv

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  1. Thank for sharing her blog. Going to have to check it out.