Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3 Must-Have Spring Essentials

My top three spring essentials for quick (everyday) style is hands down my favorite outfit. 
See above :)
So many have asked about this look since it was featured on's instagram. 
Well, I broke it down for ya and provided some similar (affordable) options below... 


1 // The distressed baggy or retro fit jean

I'm obsessing over all the cool girlfriend/boyfriend style jeans. The classic high waisted fits are also amazing and instantly makes an outfit refreshing. 

2 // A Crisp White Shirt w/ a Personality

I'm all for a regular white t-shirt, but to elevate your baggy denim, a more sophisticated white top just makes it. Reach for one with some personality - like ruffles, lace or bell sleeves. 
Plus, white is so clean - makes it easy to add more color and it also helps you look tan :)

3 // Tassel Party 

I've talked about my love for tassels before, but guys they are not going away from Spring. 
From sandals, to bags and dresses these simple and really cute additions make it FUN. 
Hi, I like to join the FUN tassel party please. These items I've chosen are at a variety of price points - we all can have a blast. 

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