Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5 Things

The perfect mix of casual with some major #colorcrush
Blush tones are on a high.
And good news, the prices are low.


A band that will forever remind me of my husband.
And probably within my top 5 groups that I would travel far for.
We've seen them in San Francisco and Tampa.
Luckily, they are in our backyard tonight (well, not literally.)
And I'm GIDDY to see them with him yet again.

3 // Londontown Nail Color

A local salon only uses Londontown Lakur and the last time I got my nails done by them it lasted for weeks. It was so impressive for NOT being a gel.
It's also a healthy alternative to some other nail polish brands.
I'll probably never give up my Essie's BUT this brand is welcome change. 

In all honestly, these bras are the only ones I wear.
The lace plunge is on heavy rotation right now, but they are all insanely comfortable.
They just launched a #goodvibesvolume 
Plus, I've got a discount code for you all: AMB-WORKYOURCLOSET to get $10 off your order til 3/28.

5 // Aēsop 

We stopped at Oxford Exchange this weekend and I about fell to the floor when I saw their new Aēsop display. I've been jones'n pretty hard for their stuff. 
Well, mid-lunch, my husband gets up and comes back with a sack of their soap. 
It's far from cheap, but the bottles are so sleek and the smell is literally intoxicating. 


  1. Love that flower holder too! City & Colour is one of my faves too. Seeming them live is so moving. Have so much fun tonight!

  2. Beautiful! Where did you buy the flower vase?

    1. It's from Lasater Flowers in Winter Haven - but Magnolia sells them and there are super cute options at Michael's right now.

  3. The blush colors are amazing! Love the vibe!