Tuesday, March 21, 2017

5 Things

5 Things | Work Your Closet

1 // Who What Wear for Target
Been on the hunt for some mules and to be honest, the thought of the style is kinda daunting. They slip off - so hard to run in. And the heel, is it necessary!? Well, I bit the bullet and bought these crochet style mules from the Who What Wear line and they are so cool. Still not my everyday shoe, but a nice alternative and I feel cool :) 

5 Things | Work Your Closet

2 // The "IT" Bag - Cult Gaia
All the stylish blogger babes are holding this piece of art. 
I must say, I'm drooling over it too.  It's stunning and surprise - more affordable than you would think!

5 Things | Work Your Closet

3 // Planoly 
I saw Damsel in Dior used this app, so I immediately checked it out. 
It's a free app with upgrades but the bare bones helps you plan out your insta feed.
From a visual point perspective it's perfect, but if you want all the bells and whistles it can provide analytics and scheduling tools. 
Fellow friends, this app is a must have

The lovely Anna Bond just finished this and I love it. 
You can buy it soon online
Might just make it's way into Hudson's room or possibly the half bath.
Stay tuned. 

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I always find myself gravitating to New York jewelry brands. 
I mean look at these!?

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