Tuesday, April 04, 2017

5 Things

It's so good, how do you pick just one?!
Classic cars, planes, dump trucks and the woody with a surfboard...
I want them all. 

2 // Damsel's Shopbop Post

I shared this on Facebook (incase it's familiar) but it doesn't happen that often when a fellow blogger really kinda inspires me. The fact she rented this rad car and drove it along the coast to showcase her collaboration with Shopbop was just SO COOL.
Plus, I want In-N-Out so bad it's silly. 

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3 // Glossier

So I've never used Glossier, but I'm dying too. 
Their new blush colors aka "cloud paint" are so pretty. 
I'm all for minimalistic make-up routines and these look like they give you some dewy color.
Fellow friends who have used Glossier? You love it?


4 // 9th Letter Press

Sure I've got my Rifle Paper background, but that doesn't mean that's the BE ALL of super cute paper goods. Winter Park actually has a quaint little shop not too far from RPC that's a must see to visit.
They have a letterpress machine right there (usually in use) that you can see and cute curated gifts from around town.
Mother's Day is just around the corner, folks!

5 // Instagram Re-worked

This woman tackled the concept of Instagram.
She did it as a creative exercise and I was fascinated.
Plus, the Instagram analytics she uncovered was super interesting.
Not to mention her enhancements, I think, were spot on.

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